Samantha Eddy | Grounded for Life
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Grounded for Life

I am addicted to meditating. For me meditation has become like a drug I cannot live without. On the days where my morning starts off in chaos and I don’t get at least 10 minutes of quiet brain rest–I am impatient, easily temperamental, unorganized, and scattered.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out why I am so hooked. Yes, yes, there are all of those scientific reports on how good meditating is for reducing stress, improving brain elasticity and mental focus. And of course I’ll take those side effects. But really for me, it’s about finding my ground. It’s about taking the time to lock in to myself and the wisdom of my soul.

Just like an electric charge needs to ground in order to function properly, so do we. With all of the distractions that life throws at us—and let me tell you, I’ve got plenty—we often find ourselves losing our center. Everything outside—the job, the spouse, the kids, the phone, the computer, even the exercise routine—is so loud and demanding that we cannot even hear the wisdom that resides deep inside of us.

Taking the time to be silent, to rest and make a little room amidst the hubbub wreaking havoc in our mind actually creates the space to become more efficient and centered in life.

This spring I attended a seven-day silent meditation retreat. While there, I couldn’t help thinking about how grounding the experience was for me. Silently, I chuckled to myself thinking about the word: grounded.

On the brink of being a mother of a teenager, my mind most readily defines “grounded” as a form of punishment for irresponsible behavior. The more I thought about it in the midst of my silence, I realized that actually grounding a child is a tremendous gift we can give them and probably should do so more often.

When presented as a supportive gesture instead of a punishment, grounding is an opportunity to remind a child that they have a safe place to reconnect with who they are, to reorient their priorities back toward what’s important to their heart and soul. Kids, like us adults, are incessantly subject to the demands of outside influences and their fragile personalities, still so in the process of development, can really go haywire.

Plugging in to the soul, just like a three-pronged electrical plug with two prongs for the charge and one for the ground, is a fundamental step for successful living. Sadly it is one that is rarely talked about much less taught or even encouraged.   So much emphasis has been put on external achievements and pressures that paying attention to what makes the soul feel stable is often forgotten.

Of course, a stable ground and a solid foundation are necessary for all life to be built upon. Making a regular practice of checking that foundation and keeping it well fortified generates inspired living for years and years.

Meditating is how I find my ground and fortify my foundation. And you? Please share your favorite method for connecting to your soul in the comments below.