Samantha Eddy | Letting Go of What You Love
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Letting Go of What You Love

Have you ever loved something so much but you know it’s time to let it go?

One morning you wake up and recognize that no matter how much you love it, it has done everything it can for you. You’ve learned the lessons.

You’ve given 100%. And now the time has come to move on so that you can experience and learn new and other wonderful things?  For a while, you may try to hold on, to deny the truth and be creative about ways you can keep things alive and see if something new and wonderful can spring from it. But ultimately you know in your heart it’s not meant to be.

It’s time to let go.

It’s time to take a lesson from the earth. Everything has a season. A seed is planted deep within, it germinates, sprouts, blossoms, thrives, and then it begins the process of letting go. As it does so, it offers new seeds that will sprout and blossom in their own ways. The original seed is no longer, it has transformed into something else that will encourage new growth. On and on it goes.

We humans seem to like to hold on. We get attached to people, things and ideas that get really comfortable. We get stuck and thus prevent the flow of life from it’s natural course of evolution.

Letting go requires immense trust. It also requires deep gratitude for what was. Because you can’t fully let anything go, if you can’t acknowledge how much it has served you, how much it has given, how much it has transformed you. Love.  No resentment. No disappointment. It’s just complete—like the perfection of a daisy on a summer day.

Today, I have decided to let go of a major love of my life. It is time to close my shop, Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life. My tenure as shopkeeper has run it’s course and I am ready for more time to spend with my kids and explore other projects.

“How would you feel if you didn’t do it, Samantha?”

My husband asked me back in November 2011 as I was considering opening the first metaphysical book and gift shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This question was a catalyst for what has been an awesome five years.  The sweet little store in Wilson has been both my heart and mind. It has shown me that sharing what I love and value is also valuable to others.  It has created a community and been the inspiration for a regional magazine that focuses on living a healthy and inspired life.

So do I regret it?

Not one minute.

Do I wish it would continue to exist? Of course, it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to something I’ve given my heart and soul to. Do I trust that other wonderful things are yet to come? Absolutely.