Samantha Eddy | Projects
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Since 2011, Sam has been committed to spreading the word about holistic wellness and spirituality in the Jackson Hole area and beyond. Click to read her story, The Evolution of Spirit.

Meditation, Guidance & Clearing

Since 2009, I have been studying the Omnium Method for energetic clearing with Caroline Cory. Caroline’s work is innovative in that it is so simple. It is based upon the idea that “all existence is Energy which manifests in infinite forms.” As we think and feel we create. Therefore, we create our experiences, both good and bad, based on our feelings and thoughts (conscious and subconscious).


Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, NewWU: Modern Wellbeing offers the most comprehensive list of wellness practitioners and businesses in the Jackson Hole area. From acupuncture, yoga, fitness, or massage to life coaching, meditation, spiritual guidance and everything else that connects the body, mind and spirit, NewWU is your resource for finding what will help you on your path to being the best you—you can be.

NewWU is the offspring of Sam’s earlier endeavors to create space, community and awareness around the wellbeing trifecta of the spirit, mind and body.


Free publications for holistic wellness directory and information in Jackson Hole. Titled NewWU: Modern Wellbeing after a rebranding in 2017, this annual magazine was first introduced as Teton Spirit in 2013 as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life

From 2011-2016, Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life, was an intimate gift store and education center specializing in material and programs to open and expand the mind and heart based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.