Samantha Eddy | The Energy of A Place
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The Energy of A Place

I just returned home to the Tetons after a visit to my childhood home in New England. Just before I left, I was a guest, invited to speak about the energy of the Tetons and Jackson Hole, on Starseed Radio Hotline. There seems to be a lot of buzz right now about the Tetons as an emerging energy center and people from all over the United States and the globe are tuning into what’s happening here.

During my radio interview, I spoke of the landscape of Jackson Hole, how its physical structure as a basin surrounded by granitic mountains infused with clear and rose quartz is like a giant crystal sound bowl, naturally creating an immense energy vortex. I spoke about Yellowstone National Park and how the magma of the Earth’s core is closer to the surface here than anywhere else on the planet. I spoke about how the headwaters of the Snake River begin here, blending the energy of the earth’s core with the crystal essence of the Tetons (some of the youngest mountains on this continent that continue to rise upward at an exciting pace). I spoke about the esoteric stories of the Ascended Masters, and especially St. Germain, who are said to retreat here, bringing energy from the heavens into physical form on the Earth plane.


After refreshing my mind with all this exciting and new feeling energy of the Tetons, I couldn’t help but notice, as I drove with my husband and daughters during our vacation, the different vibe of the rolling hills and dales of New England. As we traveled from the coast of Massachusetts to the Berkshires in north western Connecticut, I could feel the energy of each tree, each rolling hill as a memory bank of all of the stories of all who have lived there. The energy drips with emotions: of trials and accomplishment. Of course, there is profound history, with many landmarks and buildings existing before our country was even established. The mountains too, soft and ancient, feel like old wise ones, weathered with years and burdened with stories.

It was an extraordinary journey feeling the landscape so consciously as I traveled through it. While I have always been sensitive to the energy of my environs and have special places that I hold in my heart like “friends,” it was the first time that I acknowledged the personality of an entire region, as if the land itself were a living and breathing being speaking to me as I moved through it.

The contrast in the personality of these two places-the Tetons and New England are as profound as their physicality. Both magical, beautiful, natural places: one feels like a teenager coming of age, the other emits the energy of an old crone, wizened with time and experience.