Samantha Eddy | Transformation: A Message from NewWu Founder & Editor Samantha Eddy
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Transformation: A Message from NewWu Founder & Editor Samantha Eddy

When I was a little girl, I would hold an acorn in my hand and stare in awe at the small “seed” that had all the elements within to make a giant oak tree. Once nestled into the earth, and with the help of rain and sun, the acorn grows roots. In time, it becomes a sapling and, ultimately, a solid, strong and expansive tree.

Caterpillars go through a similar process. The funny little worm-like creature has within it, the DNA to make a butterfly from the start. But it must go through the process of transformation to come into its full potential. It must enter the darkness of the cocoon in order to emerge as the beautiful creature it is meant to be.


Today I am excited to share with you our new website for NEWWU: MODERN WELLBEING—the latest phase of transformation of the idea that I began four years ago when I started Teton Spirit Connection. Like the acorn or the caterpillar, NewWu is about waking up to the wellbeing that exists within each of us. It’s about anchoring into inner potential so it can be shared with the world.

Each and every one of us is here to become all that we can be. It is only a matter of getting in touch with all aspects of our minds, bodies and souls for us to fully thrive. We need to recognize what is the best thing to support our inner growth as well as our outer success. We need to find balance while also pushing our limits, we need self care as well as to care for others.

NewWu is about waking up to the wellbeing within you. Our website is designed to provide you the best guides, services, and articles to help you shift into your full potential.

A Hub for Modern Wellbeing in the Tetons

If you are looking for yoga, meditation, massage, or the hottest wellness trend in Jackson Hole, go to Just like our new magazine, our fresh new website represents the best of modern wellbeing in our area. Check it out to easily access holistic wellness offerings and businesses as well as many articles full of details about how to take care of your body, mind and spirit. NewWu is unique in that we link you to real Jackson Hole practitioners and their business and stories so that you can find the best next step on your path to wellbeing.

You will find that our website, as a whole, represents the process of transformation—of metamorphosis, of becoming something different to manifest what is possible. I encourage you—as you peruse our site—to look within yourself and begin to explore what is yearning to emerge, what seed within you is wanting to grow. It is my hope that NewWu can help bring forth your own transformation.

With love and gratitude,

Samantha Eddy, NewWu Founder