Samantha Eddy | When FEAR & DESIRE dance…
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When FEAR & DESIRE dance…

When FEAR and DESIRE dance, do you have the COURAGE to let SPIRIT cut in?

This morning was a super blue blood moon—a lunar eclipse when the moon happens to be extra close to the earth and there are two full moons in a calendar month. When a lunar eclipse happens, the sun, earth and moon are perfectly lined up and the earth gets in the way of the sun’s glow on the moon creating a dark red shadow. Of course, professional astrologers have lots to say about eclipse energy—it can be like a reset, on-off switch, or any number of cool theories about how this alignment affects us both as a collective consciousness as well as individually.

I’m not a professional astrologer but I am a believer in how we, as inhabitants on earth, are affected by our planet’s relationship with the other planets in our solar system. The way I sense it, it’s pretty much the same as how each of us individually are affected by the people we are in relationship with. I feel that different planets represent (or highlight) different aspects of ourselves. They seem to have personalities just like our loved ones. One is more dreamy, another more structured, or more adventurous, and so on. Generally when we hang out with people (or planets!) with certain attributes they tend to enhance or repel that type of behavior in us. As we all know, some dance partners are smoother than others.

So early this morning, we here on earth experienced a very intimate tango with the sun and moon.

The sun shines the light; it’s our mind and our ego. It is assertive and driven and protects us by showing us everything we can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. As earthly inhabitants we revolve around this way of being—in fact our entire system is dependent upon it. The moon, on the other hand, revolves around us. It doesn’t even emanate it’s own light, it only reflects. It’s a shadow world that represents our feelings, the undercurrents and vibrations of where we are in ourselves. In essence, the moon shows us what we long for, what we dream about and often are afraid to imagine in our reality.

In the wee hours today as I watched the snow covered hills out my window darken as the earth danced its way between the sun and moon, a thought came to mind: “If the sun represents the mind, and the moon—desire, how do we discern what is right for us? What is the truth that lies within?”

This idea emerged yesterday after a long walk with a friend. We had been discussing fear and desire in the midst of manifesting our dreams. She had been struggling with disappointment. She believed that she knew what she wanted so clearly and that she had been praying and visioning so much, that she could tell her attachment to the outcome seemed to be preventing it. Her fear of not getting what she wanted was all she was actually manifesting. She was stuck, going in circles. After our talk, I texted her: “It’s time to get clear about fear and desire and to find the truth behind both.”

So how does she (or anyone) dive in? How do we go really deep and explore why we want what we want and why we fear what we fear? Do we sometimes think we want things because deep down we are afraid of something else? Or could our desires come less from our heart than from fear-based ideas of what we are supposed to want? Can we feel into the truth behind it all and move into trust?

Trust. It’s a nice idea, but really what the heck is it? What makes us believe or have faith when there is no tangible reality to hold on to? Could it be the truth within and underneath everything? If so, how do we surrender into it?

I believe this is where spirit steps in. For me, spirit is like the dark matter in the universe that is holding everything together. It’s the energetic element that creates the dynamism that makes up a solar system, galaxy, and beyond. It’s also the thing that spreads through the hearts of people cheering at a sports game or dissolves inhibitions and unites people in a catastrophe. We can’t touch it, smell it, see it, taste or hear it, and yet we know it’s there. It’s like the chemistry that sparks between two lovers. We don’t understand it, but we feel it, and our souls’ recognize it.

Spirit aligns our imagination and our desire to lead us into the unfamiliar territory where the magic happens. Just like a perfect alignment in our solar system, spirit sets things up for bringing forth what our soul wants at just the right moment. We just need to stop dancing in the wrong direction with the wrong partners and let the truth within us lead us along.